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Construction Coatings

Our roof coatings are best suited to waterproofing pitches or flat roofs and balconies.


Our technicians operate from mobile units, complete with coating machines and compressors. As with any protective coating, surface preparation is everything - whether they are coating steel, concrete or timber, our technicians will ensure the substrate is correctly prepared.

The ability to coat any surface means the application is limitless from industrial floors and walls to containers or roofs. As our coatings are quick dry so the disruption to business operations or the construction process is minimal. In most projects our team is in an out within a few days.

Roof coatings

Our protective roof coatings are not only 100% waterproof, seamless and quick drying, but they will increase the lifespan of your roof. So you will never need to fix tiles, slates, cracks, leaks or re-roof ever again!

Our roof coatings are maintenance free, fast drying and instantly seal and protect all exterior roof areas. Roof coatings are also an excellent solution for waterproofing leaky metal roofing. The protective coating system will easily absorb the natural expansion and contraction cycles of the metal roof without tearing or fracture.

Roofing is often a costly and time consuming part of the construction process which can lead to severe delays and is highly reliant on fair weather. With Reku the job can be completed quickly, leading to significant savings, as well as providing a protective and high quality finish.

Commercial flat roof coating
Flat roof coated
Flat roof finished

Floor coatings

Industrial flooring is subjected to extreme wear and tear over its lifetime. When a concrete floor fails it is hugely disruptive to production not to mention the cost involved having it repaired or even replaced.

Our experienced and approved technicians provide a protective flooring system that is strong, seamless, heavy duty, chemical resistant and hard wearing. The surface will maintain its durability year after year and will outlast standard epoxy flooring systems by up to TEN times.

Coatings are TOUCH-DRY in UNDER 10 SECONDS and is capable of receiving light foot traffic immediately. This allows for minimum disruption and downtime within industrial and commercial applications. Our coatings will adhere to virtually any substrate, regardless of shape or size, including wood, concrete, fibre-glass, plastic, metals, steel and copper, whether new or in service.

  • Our polyurea industrial floor coating will withstand heavy traffic. Providing long standing protection.
  • Our coating process is quick drying. Limiting the time the floor is out of use.
  • Our coatings are solvent free, odourless and non-toxic. Ideally suited for use in medical, food and animal environments.
Factory floor
Food factory floor coated
Factory floor - Polyurea
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Coating asbestos roofs and floors

Asbestos can be in buildings built pre-2000 (including factories, offices, schools & hospitals). If you are responsible for the maintenance of such premises then you have a obligation to manage any asbestos in the building. This duty applies to all non-domestic premises (including public buildings such as libraries, leisure centres, museums, etc.

We work with dutyholders to plan and ensure their asbestos is safely sealed. Our coatings can be used to fully encapsulate asbestos in situ. This means the asbestos is left un-disturbed, coated on-site and fully sealed. Avoiding any costs to do with asbestos removal from roofs or floors.

Protection with peace of mind

Compliance with UK building regulations and a 25-year guarantee on all our work means our client's benefit from long lasting protection and peace of mind.

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