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Residential Coatings

Get the perfect environmentally-friendly finish for your home.

Flat Roof coatings

Our coatings are maintenance free, fast drying and instantly seal and protect all exterior areas. Coatings are also an excellent solution for waterproofing leaky roofs of your property. The coating system will easily absorb the natural expansion and contraction cycles of wood or metal without fracturing.

As well as roofs our coatings are ideally suited for roof spaces which are habitable. Roof terraces can be coated with slip resistence and with a variety of colours to create a completely waterproof and maintenance free environment for immediate use by residents. Balconies can also be treated whether made from wood, stone or metal. Also creating usable spaces which are protected from the weather and abrasion.

Flat roof coated

Flat roof coated

Roof coated

Residential roof

Residential roof coated

Residential flat roof


We can coat over existing felt or asphalt, saving money and providing up to a 25-year guarantee!

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Interior coatings

With homes it is all about the finish and with Polyurea it is immaculate. Our solutions can be in any colour you choose and deliver a finish you can be proud of – both inside and out!

The application is quick and easy and we can provide a range of samples so you can see exactly what you get before you buy.

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Creative coatings

Our coatings are not restricted to flat or even solid surfaces. We are constantly seeking new creative things to coat and ways to offer protection which are 'out of the box'.

Pretty much anything which is used to hold water or exposed to the rain can be treated.


Protection with peace of mind

The ultimate protection and bespoke finish for your home.

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