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Truck & Van Coatings

Commercial vehicles take heavy wear and tear on a daily basis. Our coatings ensure the ultimate protection!

HGV lorry coatings

HGV's and large lorries are exposed to heavy wear and tear on both their interior and exterior. Reku's heavy duty coatings are highly-durable providing long last protection from the moment they are applied.

We have coatings specificially designed to protect and maintain the floors, ramps and underside of heavy goods vehicles. Providing peace of mind and ensuring the vehicle is kept in premium condition.

HGV ramp coated

Pick-up / 4x4 truck bed lining

Reku's coating solution is perfectly suited to pick-up and 4x4 trucks. The coating completely seals the vehicle preventing any rust, corrosion, cracks or splits. We apply a top coat which can be tailored to any colour or finish you desire, whilst always being environmentally safe, and fully protected from fading in the sun.

Pick-up truck coated

Pick-up truck sprayed

Pick-up truck coated

Pick-up truck lining

Pick-up truck coated

Pick-up truck lining (close-up)

Van lining

Reku's spray on protective coating provides the ultimate protection to your van's interior. Sprayed directly on to the metal it creates a permanent bond and a water tight seal, preventing rust or corrosion. Whilst also protecting against abrasions and chemicals!

Traditional methods of using wood to line vans not only takes up space and adds weight, but also hides any areas where water has got inside. It is also not effective and protecting against chemicals or heavy damage let alone changes in temperature.

We can provide specific coatings which are resistant to UV, chemicals; environmentally safe and super easy to clean. Ideally suited to vans transporting food or chemicals.


Agricultural vehicle coatings

Tractors, horse-boxes and other agricultural vehicles are exposed to the elements all year round. With our coatings we can protect your vehicle from extreme temperatures as well as ensuring the ultimate protection from abrasions, scrapes and bangs.

Protection with peace of mind

Our specifically designed coating solution is perfect for the protecting vehicles from heavy wear and tear as well as rust or corrosion.

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