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Waste Management Coatings

Our coatings are ideal for protecting assets used to transport and hold liquid waste.


Managing and transporting waste is a hazardous business. Dealing with a variety of chemicals such as ammonia and different acids it is no wonder vehicles and containers are under constant attack from corrosion.

Corrosion is a problem most waste management companies have to deal with and ineviteably leads to assets being repaired or replaced on a regular basis, the cost of which has become part of the job.

Polyurea is highly resistant to most (if not all) chemicals found in waste and can extend the life of any assets by up to 10 years - removing the need for repair or replacement.

RoRo's, Skips & Containers

Our unique coating solution is quick to apply and offers the best protection available against corrosion from waste chemicals.

Each container is shot blast to ensure the inside is completely clean before Polyurea is spray applied, dry within seconds and ready to be put back to use.

Reku offers the complete service from pick-up through to delivery making the whole process quick and easy for our clients. See our recent Waste Management Projects.

Container on truck
Container blasted
Container coated with Polyurea

BioGas & Anaerobic Digestion

Our coatings have been used to protect the inside of digestor tanks to prevent corrosion from the suplphuric acid which builds up over time.

As Polyurea is quick drying we can apply a coating to an existing tank, whilst minimising the time it is not being used (typically 5-7 working days). We can also protect tanks at the time of construction.

The cost of coating large digestor tanks to protect them is relatively low when you consider the cost of repair or replacing them.

Protection with peace of mind

Our Polyurea is fully tested against waste chemicals meaning our client's benefit from long lasting protection and peace of mind.

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